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Books and other library items

For how long can I borrow various items?

Book loan periods:
MSMU Books: 1 semester + 1 semester renewal
LINK+ Books: 3 weeks + 3-week renewal

Print Periodical (journals, magazines, etc.) loan periods:
Coe-Chalon Newer: 2 Hours
Coe-Chalon Older: 1 semester + 1 semester renewal
McCarthy-Doheny: 1 semester + 1 semester renewal

Please return items promptly. If you are not sure when your books are due and/or you need to extend the loan period, contact or visit My Account to review your options.

How many items can I check out at a time?

MSMU Items:
Maximum of 200 items at a time


How do I get items from the other campus library?


Getting a book from the other campus:

  1. Log in to My Account.
  2. Click on the New Search button.
  3. Search for books by author, subject, title, etc. or create an advanced keyword search including limits to material type, language, publication year, etc
  4. Click on the title of the book that you want. Note that if the book's status says, "Due MM/DD/YY," there will be a delay before the book arrives.
  5. Click the Request button.
  6. Choose a Pick-Up Location and a cancel-by date. Then, click Submit.
  7. When the book arrives at its destination, you should receive an email.
  8. It takes approximately 2-3 days to send books between campuses, so please plan accordingly!

How can I get books from other libraries, outside of MSMU?

Use either of the following MSMU interlibrary loan (ILL) services free of charge:

Find Books: From Other Libraries

LINK+ FAQ (Try this first for faster service!)

Traditional ILL (WorldCat) FAQ


Do you have textbooks?


All required textbooks for all Nursing and Physical Therapy courses are available at Reserves at the Circulation Desk at each library.

The libraries may have other textbooks on reserve if your professor/instructor has requested them to be placed on Reserve.

Check Course Reserves to see if the library has your course materials.

Also, visit the Textbooks page to search for textbooks to borrow from other non-MSMU libraries.


Do you charge late fees?

We do not charge late fees for most materials. The only exceptions are Reserve materials which do accrue late fees. However if the materials are never returned or lost, a lost fee is charged.

MSMU Reserves Materials:
$2 per hour

MSMU Lost Materials Fees:
$35 per item + $10 processing fee

LINK+ Materials:
$115 for a lost book

See Fines Table for more information.

I can't find the book I want! Where can I get it?

  1. We may have a copy at the other campus - request it through My Account.
  2. Then, try LINK+ - search this larger consortial catalog - receive it in a few days.
  3. Still can't find it? Try WorldCat - request it with an ILL Materials Request form.



Articles and other online resources

I need an article we don't have, how do I get it?


If you find an article that does not link to full-text immediately, don't worry, we can order it for you free of charge.  Just fill out an Article Request (Document Delivery) form, and your article will be emailed to you, usually within a couple of days.


I found an eBook, how do I read it?

You can read it the browser, or if you choose, you can download it. Different eBook collections may require that you create an account (EBSCO and ProQuest) and then download Adobe Digital Editions (free). For more on eBooks visit this eBook research guide or Ask Us!

About the Libraries

Where and what is the Circulation Desk?


Circulation Desks

McCarthy Library (Doheny): as you enter the building, the circulation desk is on the left.

Coe Library (Chalon): as you enter the library on the main floor (3rd floor), the circulation desk is located to the left, past the stairwell.

This is where you can request Course Reserves materials, borrow books and periodicals found in the stacks, return checked-out books, update library cards, and receive printer assistance.

You must have a valid MSMU ID with a library barcode to borrow books and periodicals.

View library maps here.


Are there any student jobs available in the Libraries?

Please visit Jobs at the Libraries to see if the libraries are hiring. Hiring in the libraries typically occurs before or at the beginning of each semester.

Do the Libraries accept gifts or donations?


Gift Books

Gift books are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please call or email before dropping off gift books. Please also review our gift policy or contact the Director of Libraries.

Special Collections & Archival Materials

If you wish to donate rare or MSMU-related items to the Special Collections department, please contact the University Archivist & Special Collections Librarian.


All other donations (monetary, naming opportunities, etc.) should be referred to Institutional Advancement or the Give to the Mount page.

See Libraries: Giving for instructions on how to donate directly to the libraries.


Can I use my MSMU Libraries card at another library?

LINK+ Visiting Patron Program
MSMU is a participating institution. This program allows a patron from a participating LINK+ library to use their library card in person at another participating LINK+ library. Items are checked out through LINK+ and are borrowed for the same period of time as a LINK+ request. When visiting another library that participates in Visiting Patron, please have your library card and ID present at the time of checkout.

While your MSMU Libraries card does not work at Los Angeles Public Libraries, you are welcome to apply for a free LAPL card. You will be able to access more books as well as additional useful databases.

MSMU students may visit the Doheny Memorial Library on the USC campus to access databases as guests for 30 minutes per day. LA residents may purchase a community user card for $100 per 6-months of borrowing privileges. For more information, visit USC online.

MSMU faculty members may apply for a free library card at UCLA that entitles them to borrow up to 200 items. Students may purchase a library card at UCLA for $80 per year that entitles 5 book checkouts at a time. Library cards must be purchased in the Young Research Library (YRL). Access to the UCLA libraries also includes access to UCLA's subscription databases via their wifi. For more information, visit UCLA online.


Library Help

Where can I get help with research?

You can:


How do I print at MSMU?

  1. Add money to your PaperCut account.
  2. Select your document and send it to the cloud.
  3. Release your document to print at any PaperCut printer.

Visit the Print, Copy, Scan guide for further instructions.