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The concentration in Study of Religions is a 36-unit program. 21 of the 36 units are “Foundational Courses,” 12 of the 36 units are “Electives,” and 3 of the 36 units are Capstone requirements. If students attend full-time, they may complete the Masters of Religious Studies in two years, at a pace of 2 three-unit courses per semester. If part-time, they may complete in three years, at a pace of 1 three-unit course per semester.

Foundational Courses (21 units)

RST 202B: Introduction to Religious Studies

RST 204: Sacred Texts

RST 220: Theories and Methods in Religion and Theology

RST 221: Religion, Theology, and the City of Los Angeles

RST 231: Sociology of Religion

RST 233: Comparative Religious Ethics

RST 234: World Religions

Electives (12 units)

RST 274: Global Christianities

RST 275: Religion and Migration

RST 292: Religion and the Environment

RST 293: Religion, Media, and Pop Culture

RST 294: Religion and Postcolonial/Decolonial Thought

RST 296: Religion, Gender, and Sexuality

RST 297: Death and Dying in the World Religions

Capstone Requirement

RST 290: Master’s Thesis Proposal (1 unit) over one semester

RST 291: Master’s Thesis (2 units) over 1 semester (If student must take additional semesters they may register for continuation courses of RST 291A, B or C).

* Course numbers to be assigned by the Office of the Registrar after proposal approval. Some course numbers are listed because they are remnants of our current GRST program. 


Call (213) 477-2800 for more information on the all-new Master of Arts in Religious Studies degree programs. Please visit our Graduate Admissions website to learn more about admission.