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Program Goals & Outcomes

Satisfactory completion of graduate division requirements.

Degree Requirements

24 Units (Two 3-unit courses in each of the four major areas, one of which is RST_220: Theories & Methods)

9 Units Electives (3-unit courses)

3 Units Capstone Project

36 Units Total

  • Learning Outcomes

    Learn and employ prominent theories and methods used routinely in each of the major program areas (sacred texts/theology/ethics/pastoral ministry).

    Demonstrate the ability to think critically by using program-specific theories and research methods to access, research, synthesize and analyze and information and ideas.

    Communicate effectively both in writing and orally; master the conventions of the field’s standard notation & bibliographic style (most current Chicago).

    Engage a diverse society through practical application of knowledge in the program to real-world settings with sensitivity to race, class, gender, and socioeconomic issues that lead to systemic and distributive injustices.