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MSMU DPT Virtual Open House, February 23, 2021 -  Louisville High School, Woodland Hills CA

Michael Asuncion/Tyler Schwecke (Class of 2022) and Jackie Regan/Cindy Gutierrez (Class of 2023) hosted a virtual open house for the DPT program to inform students from Louisville High School about physical therapy education and practice. Louisville High School educates young women to “empower each student to develop her confidence, integrity and faith to meet the needs of an ever-changing world”.

The following presentation created by the outreach branch serves to expose prospective DPT students to the field of physical therapy. Topics include areas for specialization, gender/ethnic demographics, and DPT admissions information. To schedule an information session to learn more about what the DPT program at the Mount has to offer, email

Physical Therapy Outreach 2020-2021 Presentation