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Student Outreach Committee

The Physical Therapy Student Outreach Committee (SOC) was founded in 2018 by DPT students with the mission:

“To promote extracurricular student involvement in the field of physical therapy by providing opportunities to volunteer and give back to the community, to keep students informed of current events relevant to physical therapy education and its scope of practice, and to encourage participation in educational opportunities presented by the CPTA and APTA to broaden student academic knowledge and professional connections outside the classroom.”

The inaugural SOC established three branches in line with this mission: Professional Development & Political Advocacy, Communications, and Outreach. In its first year, the SOC created and participated in events and programs to achieve its vision of promoting well-rounded education for all DPT cohorts at The Mount. In 2019, leadership opportunities were expanded to DPT II and III students and two new branches were formed. The Social branch was separated from the original Communications branch to appreciate students’ specific interest and skills in digital media and marketing, while the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion branch was created to specifically address issues of social responsibility and justice facing the PT profession.

The SOC currently has branches in each of the following domains:

  • Professional Development & Political Advocacy - Coordination of APTA/CPTA con-ed courses and student sign up, advocacy opportunities in conjunction with the CA Student Special Interest Group student liaison(s), and reviewing weekly CPTA/APTA email lists to facilitate dissemination of relevant information.
  • Outreach - Coordinate volunteer opportunities local to LA. Develop long-term outreach relationships for different organizations relevant to PT and within the community, to educate the public about physical therapy practice and education.
  • Social - Coordinate cross-cohort social activities such as a Welcome Event and Bonfire Event. Facilitate social events with other nearby DPT programs. Facilitate MSMU DPT Alumni-Student Mentorship Program.
  • Communications - Work with other coordinators to promote their activities and events via social media accounts (i.e. Instagram, Facebook), fliers, email, etc. Manage and maintain social media accounts and online presence. Oversight of the annual MSMU DPT community newsletter.
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Bring programming or create events raising awareness about issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion facing minority and underserved populations in healthcare and in the physical therapy profession.

The coordinators of these five branches, along with the committee’s chair, work together to bring a variety of extracurricular education, volunteer, and professional events to a multi-cohort DPT audience every year. The SOC provides students with leadership opportunities, and a chance for students to take a break from studying, while continuing to explore their professional interests and goals.