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Ida Maye & Enoch Carlson

The Ida Maye & Enoch Carlson Physical Therapy Scholarship has been established as a Physical Therapy scholarship at Mount Saint Mary’s University in honor of the parents of Physical Therapy Department faculty member Connie Carlson. This scholarship recognizes a physical therapy student who demonstrates a strong understanding of the ethical issues impacting the physical therapy profession.

The scholarship is available to students in their third year of study and is merit-based. The scholarship is awarded based upon a demonstrated level of academic achievement within the Physical Therapy program and a paper discussing and resolving a current ethical issue.

Belief Foundation Scholarship for Leadership in Physical Therapy

The Belief Foundation Scholarship for Leadership in Physical Therapy has been established as an endowed Physical Therapy scholarship at Mount Saint Mary’s University. The Belief Foundation is founded on two simple principles: 1.) education is forever and 2.) You must give back.

Physical Therapy is a profession founded on the basis of service to others. To recognize this, the scholarship has been designed to reward leaders and scholars among the third-year students. Financial need also will be a criterion, as creating access to education is a core principle of the Belief Foundation.

Coleman Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Physical Therapy

The scholarship recognizes academic excellence in the first semester of the program. No application required.

Cindy Moore Scholarship for Clinical Excellence in Physical Therapy

Cindy Moore was one of the founding physical therapy (PT) faculty members responsible for the long history of excellence in PT education at MSMU. She came to the Mount in 1986 as a faculty member and in 1990 became the Chair of the Physical Therapy Department. Under her leadership, the program grew in quality and prestige, resulting in graduates who are excellent clinicians. She was a visionary, a driving force, an innovative leader, teacher and mentor.  Her influence permeates the curriculum which has a strong commitment to clinical reasoning, communication skills, ethics, and an emphasis on evidence-based holistic healthcare.

The Cindy Moore scholarship is awarded upon completion of the 2nd year of the program based on demonstrated level of skill during clinical education experiences and other opportunities in the curriculum for direct patient/client interactions such as pro bono care and clinical simulation. 

No application is required. This scholarship is awarded based on review of student records related to direct clinical patient/client interactions. Reviews focus on each element of the patient/client interactions that demonstrate ability in clinical reasoning, communication, ethical practice, evidence-based practice and a holistic approach to patient care.

Outside Scholarship Opportunities

SPT Minority Scholarship: Due December 1st

Outstanding SPT: Due December 1st

Societal Impact Award: Due December 1st 

Humanitarian Award: Due December 1st 

HPA-The Catalyst CSM Scholarship: Due September 13th

CSM Attendance Scholarship (Pediatric Section): October 1st

Diversity Development Scholarship (Pediatric Section): October 1st

CSM Scholarship (Women’s Health Section): September 14th

Scholarships and Grants for African American students