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Master of Science in Nursing

Graduate Programs

Mount BSN Alums

A Special Gift For Mount BSN Alums Only!

  • Enroll in an MSN course for only $90
  • Earn graduate credit
  • Shortened application process for alums
  • Credit earned counts toward MSN degree
  • Select from a variety of MSN courses 

In recognition of your successful tenure at Mount Saint Mary's University, the MSN faculty is pleased to offer you the opportunity to enroll in an MSN course for credit at a reduced rate of just $90, in commemoration of the Mount's recent 90th anniversary celebration. At Mount Saint Mary's, we are proud of our nursing graduates and are committed to helping them succeed in their future academic and professional endeavors. We hope you take advantage of this token of our appreciation.

For more information: 213.477.2800

Note: available only to new MSN students; limit 1 course per BSN alum
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Please contact MSN Program to register and confirm course availability.


NUR 200 Advanced Health Assessment (3 units)

This advanced health assessment course focuses on the adult population spanning from young to older adults. It is designed to offer a comprehensive review of obtaining a complete health history and the physical assessment skills required for this patient population.

NUR 241 Marketing Management in Healthcare (3 units)

This course is designed to be an introduction to the broad concept of marketing mix for the future manager. The marketing mix (4 P's) defines tactics in the areas of Product, Price, Promotion and Place.

NUR 201 Theoretical/Conceptual Foundations of Nursing (3 units)

The course will offer an opportunity for graduate nursing students to explore the relationships between nursing theory, research, education and practice and the philosophical dimensions of

NUR 247 Foundations and Ethical Principles in Leadership and Consultation (2 units)

Critical exploration of the foundations and ethical principles required of leaders. The course will focus on communication and relationship-building with emphasis on diversity, foundational thinking skills and systems thinking. 

NUR 202 Current Trends and Issues in Professional Nursing (3 units)

This course utilizes an ethical decision-making framework to explore and analyze current issues that impact the nursing profession and communities of interest. The seminar discussion focuses on professional issues and current topics that affect the nursing profession and healthcare.

NUR 248 Advanced Pharmacology (3 units)

This course is designed to prepare nurses for expert clinical practice using advanced theoretical and empirical knowledge of pharmacology that can be applied in the clinical setting. The focus is on pharmacotherapeutics and pharmacokinetics including a discussion at the cellular response level.

NUR 203 Introduction to Graduate Studies (1 unit)

This is an introduction for incoming graduate students in nursing. The purpose of
this course is to introduce students to the content and relational knowledge expected as a graduate student.

NUR 253 Organizational Management in Healthcare (3 units)

The student will gain knowledge in management theories and styles and be able to analyze management and leadership components that have useful application in the workplace. Communication and cultural diversity, and their application in the professional work environment, will be studied to prepare the student for management positions.

NUR 204 Healthcare Policy (3 units)

This course focuses on developing the nurse’s role in the planning and analysis of healthcare policies and how those policies impact clinical practice and healthcare delivery.

NUR 254 Financial Management for Healthcare Organizations (3 units)

This course will introduce the student to finance within the healthcare environment,
with an emphasis on nursing finance. Course topics include strategic planning, budget development process, revenue sources, variable and fixed expenses.

NUR 207A Healthcare Informatics and Technology (1.5 units)

This first course in healthcare informatics provides an overview of the broad areas
that encompass informatics and healthcare technologies. The focus is on developing an understanding of relevant concepts to enable the master’s-prepared nurse to utilize healthcare informatics and technologies in direct patient care and leadership.

NUR 298 Nurse Educator Role (1 unit)

This course will introduce the student to the Nurse Educator role in a variety of settings and roles, including the academic setting, staff development, nurse counselor and clinical nurse educator. NLN and ANPD educator competencies, as well as ANA standards, will be explored.