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Master of Science in Nursing

Graduate Programs

Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition and Fees

Master's Students (2022-2023)
Tuition (per unit) $1,108
University Services Fee (per semester) $194
Graduate Extension (per unit) $54

*Tuition and Fees are subject to change without notice. Please visit the Student Accounts tuition and fees page for additional charges you may incur as a student.

Graduate Nursing Scholarship Opportunities

Mount Saint Mary's University is pleased to announce the availability of the following scholarship and financial aid opportunities:

Graduate Merit Scholarships

The Nursing program at Mount Saint Mary's University offers departmental scholarships. These Scholarships are merit-based and competitive, and are awarded to new students at time of admissions. The faculty admission committee automatically considers all applicants for a scholarship opportunity. The amount of a scholarship varies depending on the promise and merit of a student’s application.

Kaiser Permanente's Institute of Nursing Excellence Program

The Mount is a proud partner of Kaiser Permanente's Southern California Institute of Nursing Excellence Program. Nurses employed by Kaiser Foundation Hospital (KFH) qualify to receive 1) $20,000 in IONE funds, 2) a 15% tuition discount from MSMU, and 3) an annual stipend from Kaiser Permanente to fund their MSN degree. Please contact for more information and to determine eligibility and tuition cost.  These funds will be available until exhausted and/or the agreement with KP has concluded. You can view calculations and estimated total tuition cost after accounting for the scholarship, stipend and discount HERE .  

Ahmanson Veteran Scholarship Initiative

The Ahmanson Veteran Scholarship Initiative (AVSI) supports the young men and women returning in record numbers from Iraq and Afghanistan, whose abilities and experience make them ideal college student candidates. Recognizing that public colleges and universities are not the perfect fit for all students and that the transition from military life to student life can have its challenges, the AVSI is designed to provide returning veterans the support needed to attend and ultimately graduate from private institutions of higher learning. Contact: William Martinez at

Tuition Discount for Employees of Catholic-owned Hospitals

In light of Mount Saint Mary's mission, historic commitment to the education of nurses, and as part of the MSMU Graduate Nursing Initiative, MSMU agrees to provide a 25% tuition reduction to any employee of a Catholic-owned hospital who is admitted to the Master of Science in Nursing program. In order to receive this tuition reduction, employees of Catholic-owned hospitals must present a letter or other document indicating they are currently employed by the Catholic-owned hospital to the MSMU Business Office at the time of registration and before the beginning of each semester.  All MSMU College policies, admissions and academic requirements, financial policies, and other institutional policies are applicable to students who are employees of Catholic-owned hospitals.  Contact Graduate Admissions for further details at 213.477.2800.

Advanced Education Nursing Traineeships form the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)

Available only periodically. Applicants should contact the Director of the MSN Program at 213.477.2980.

Archdioceses Tuition Reduction Program

A tuition discount of an amount specified by the University each year may be awarded to those graduate students who fulfill one of the following requirements:

Members of Catholic religious communities, Catholic diocesan priests and Catholic deacons in good standing, upon verification from appropriate religious authority.

Laypersons enrolled in graduate programs or in one of the MSMU Weekend, Evening, and Online College programs who are full-time (40 hours per week) employees of a Los Angeles Roman Catholic diocese or parish as listed in the current diocesan directory or in "The Official Catholic Directory"; (P.J. Kennedy & Sons, pub.), upon written verification of employment. This employment must be the major source of income for the student.

Laypersons who are chaplains in hospitals or prisons and who are full-time employees of a Los Angeles Roman Catholic diocese or a Los Angeles Roman Catholic institution (according to "The Official Catholic Directory"); written verification of employment required.

The student must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in order to qualify for the wavier. Workshops and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are not included in this waiver. It is the student's responsibility to complete and file a Tuition Discount Application form with the Business Office prior to registration. At each subsequent registration period, the student may verify employment by submitting a copy of their most current paycheck stub to the Business Office.

Corporate Tuition Discount Program - Southern California Gas Company

Southern California Gas Company - Employees of Southern California Gas Company who are admitted to a Mount Saint Mary's University graduate program may be eligible for a 15% tuition discount.  Contact Graduate Admissions for details at 213.477.2800.

Financial Aid Information

Federal Direct Stafford Loans

Federal Direct loans are the most common loans for undergraduate and graduate students. Federal Direct loans must be repaid with interest. Presently graduate students can only take unsubsidized loans.

Unsubsidized Loan: The student is responsible for paying all the interest on the loan, during and after college.

Graduate Unsubsidized Loan Amount: $20,500 per year

Alternative Loans

Alternative Loans are private loans to supplement educational financing.