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Student Spotlight


Student Spotlight

I am convinced that the education and exposure I received while at Mount Saint Mary’s University was instrumental to my acceptance to both the University of San Diego (USD) and the University of Hawaii (UH) doctoral programs. At both interviews for UH and USD, I was asked many questions on my thesis project as well as on contemporary healthcare issues affecting the nursing profession and the healthcare industry. Attending the Mount's MSN program provided the education and experience needed to take the next successful step towards the PhD level. I am very happy that I took Dr. Tori’s recommendation in taking on a thesis project that reflected original research for it was an important element for my acceptance at the doctoral level. She is a wonderful professor and a blessed asset to the school and its' students. I am especially grateful for the excellent mentoring and guidance provided by the entire staff as exemplified by Dr. Tori Canillas-Dufau and Dr. Marsha Sato. By the way, I have chosen to attend the University of San Diego's PhD program!

Ruby Harford, MSN, RN

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