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Student Spotlight


Leah Hengel

I am a nurse, but I hold tightly to my title of “caregiver.” Prior to attending Mount St. Mary's College, I lived with my Grandparents functioning both as a family caregiver and as a bedside nurse. This experience transformed my understanding of what it means to be a caregiver and inspired me to reach beyond the bedside into their world. Thus was born, Purely for the benefit of caregivers and seniors, I created my wellness website to promote quality of life through multiple means. My website includes education on common health topics, disease-specific recipes, a nation-wide database of free caregiver resources, and a running blog that answers viewers questions and addresses common concerns. has become a bridge for many, often filling the gap between being an overwhelmed caregiver, to an empowered one. I would like to invite you to join me on this journey in promoting wellness, health, and ultimately quality of life. Your experience and expertise is needed within this community. Feel free to contact me to further discuss either contributing to the blog, or adding to the common health topics or recipes. I am open to your ideas and suggestions as well.

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