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Publication for Professor Lynette Dahlman

Lynette Dahlman authored Chapter 11, “Academic Practice Partnerships” in the text, Leadership in Nursing Professional Development: An Organizational Focus.  This is the first leadership text designed specifically for nursing professional development.  It is intended for the Nursing Professional Development department leader and covers general leadership principles, legal/ethical considerations and  operational components of departmental management such as human resources management and fiscal responsibility.
In Chapter 11, Professor Dahlman covers managing clinical sites for student training, dedicated education units, research partnerships, dual appointments, simulation, and inter-professional education.
Professor Dahlman is adjunct faculty in the MSN program and teaches NUR 295 Educator Practicum in the agency setting.  She is the  Director of Clinical Education & Academic Partnerships at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena.  Lynette is a graduate of the Mount’s BSN program and Dr. Sato remembers Lynette as being an outstanding nursing student!

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