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4th Annual Graduate Nursing Research Poster Symposium


Congratulations to the MSN students presenting their thesis projects at the 4th Annual Graduate Nursing Research Poster Symposium!
Pictured from left to right:

  • Aida Qose “Bridging the Gap: RN Lead Care Coordination”
  • Catherine DeLeon-Ortega “Nurses’ Perceptions of the Influence of Nursing Intuition in Emergency Room Triage”
  • Maureen Pryor “Nurse Identified Barriers to Effective Pain Management in Critically Ill Patients”
  • Nimian Bauder “Nursing Students’ Perceptions of Lateral Violence and Bullying Behaviors”
  • Sherilee Sagucio “Experienced Nurses’ Perspectives of Preceptorship during Transition into a New Clinical Specialty”
  • Vicky Padilla “Emotional Intelligence and the Relationship to Nurse Job Satisfaction”
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