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Alumni Spotlight


Katherine M. Falco

Katherine M. Falco’s Journey as a Registered Nurse

My professional career began as a registered nurse in a critical care unit. Many times I worked in other areas of the hospital, and I would often find myself caring for the same patients I had met while in critical care. Their stories revealed the many challenges they came upon while receiving care. This was my introduction to the patient care continuum.

When my nursing practice moved out of the hospital and into home care, my understanding of the patient care continuum grew enormously. Caring for patients with extreme variables in their homes, lifestyles, local communities, family units, financial situations, etc. to support their individual needs was staggering. Their struggles inspired me to return to school and to join a professional organization to promote patient advocacy and safe, quality health care.

In 2009, with nearly 15 years of nursing experience, I began my graduate work at Mount Saint Mary’s College, Los Angeles, California. The process gave me the opportunity to focus on my career passion, patient care coordination, and the concept of leadership to create wellness within patient populations and communities that support them. After completing my degree, I worked as a nurse navigator. Guiding and educating patients prior to their first office visit through post-operative visits was an absolute honor. Today, my professional career as a nurse is still evolving. I hope my greatest work for patient advocacy and care coordination is still to come.

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