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Integration of the Liberal Arts

The Master of Arts in Humanities has at its core a commitment to the Liberal Arts. Our interdisciplinary courses explore the human experience as recorded in the literature, history, art, music, and other liberal studies from many cultures. The goal of the program is to cultivate our humanity by improving our capacity to question and challenge long-held values and beliefs, to think critically and analytically, and to become more global and spiritual in our outlook, to envision ourselves as human beings bound to other human beings. When we begin to see ourselves as citizens of the world, we become more tolerant. 

To paraphrase John Henry Cardinal Newman, the person who undertakes to study the liberal art/humanities, who learns to reason, compare, discriminate, and analyze will not at once become a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, “but he will be placed in the state of intellect” in which he will be able to “take up any calling... with a an ease, grace, and versatility” that are lacking in those without the liberal arts experience.