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Certificate Programs

Those who are interested in a 12 unit course of graduate level study in Creative Writing, Cultural Studies, English, or History may apply to one of these graduate Humanities certificate programs.   In order to be awarded a certificate, students must submit an application to Graduate Admissions, be admitted to the certificate program, must earn a minimum of 12 units in the graduate certificate program to which they are admitted (Creative Writing, Cultural Studies, English or History), and must earn a minimum grade point average of 3.0. 

All College and Graduate Division policies apply to students admitted to a Graduate Humanities Certificate Program.   Concurrent enrollment is not permissible; however, students who successfully complete one or more certificate programs may subsequently apply to another.   Admission to one program does not imply or guarantee admission to another.   Graduate Humanities Certificate Program students are not eligible for federal financial aid.

For those who determine that their educational path would be well served by earning an MA in Humanities, the following Catalog policy applies:

An applicant may complete up to 6 units in one semester at MSMU while applying for admission to a Graduate Program in the areas of Education and Humanities (see Non Degree-Seeking Graduate Students section). For Religious Studies requirements, see Religious Studies. Under certain circumstances a student may petition to complete an additional 3 units prior to the acceptance to any of these programs. No more than nine units taken at Mount Saint Mary’s University before acceptance into a program may be applied to the degree program. (Catalog, Graduate Admissions Policies Section, page 85).