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Curriculum Plan

Students must complete a total of 42 units (not including foundations courses –see admission page) with a 3.0 Grade Point Average or better to receive the degree. Additionally, students will need to complete a capstone Master's project and four credits of practicum, which is part of the curriculum.

Weeknight Schedule
2 nights a week, 7 units per trimester (Fall, Spring, and Summer trimester) for two years for a total of 42 units.

SemesterCourse Number; Title; and Credit Hours
Fall; Year 1

(7 Credit Hrs)

Policy, Politics, and Policy Analysis in Public Health and Health Care (4)


Introduction to Health Economics (3)

Spring; Year 1

(7 Credit Hrs)

Financing health care in America (3)


Healthcare Organization and Management (3)


Practicum in Healthcare Administration (1)

Summer; Yr 1

(7 Credit Hrs)

Decision-making in health management and policy (3)


Advanced Health Policy Analysis  (3)


Practicum in Healthcare Administration (1)

Fall; Year 2

(7 Credit Hrs)

Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Outcomes Improvement (3)


Cost-Effectiveness, & Comparative Effectiveness in Health & Healthcare (3)


Practicum in Healthcare Administration (1)

Spring; Year 2

(7 Credit Hrs)

Health Policy Design, Implementation, & Evaluation (3)


Legal and Ethical Aspects of Healthcare Management and Policy-making (3)


Practicum in Healthcare Administration (1)

Summer; Yr 2

(7 Credit Hrs)

Accounting and Financial Management in Healthcare (3)


The Future of Health: Leading Change; Advancing Health; Improving Care (4)