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1-weekend workshops/Sat-Sun

Introduction to Pro Tools

Hands-on introduction to the industry-standard Pro Tools software. Led by an Avid Certified Instructor, participants learn the core principles and techniques of capturing, manipulating, and mixing audio with this powerful platform.

Introduction to Avid Media Composer

Led by an Avid Certified Instructor, workshop participants learn through hands on experience the fundamental tools and techniques of non-linear editing with Avid’s Media Composer.

Introduction to Apple’s Final Cut

This workshop is a hands-on introduction to Apple’s Final Cut Pro editing software. Students will learn foundational editing processes including importing footage, basic editing techniques, and how to export their video for online or DVD exhibition.

Introduction to DSLR Cinematography

This workshop introduces participants to the use of DSLR cameras for digital film-making. Fundamental topics will include an overview of core camera features, the principles of lighting for a scene, basic audio, and an introduction to the core techniques of using a camera lens to tell a story.

Introduction to RED Digital Cinematography

This workshop gives a hands-on introduction to the use of RED digital cameras for the production of professional-level content for the cinema, television, or the web.

Audio Production: Session recording & mixing

Hands on introduction to audio production, through the stages of recording, editing, and mixing audio in a studio setting. Taught by an Avid Certified Instructor, the fundamentals of Pro Tools are explored in addition to principles of microphone types and placement, instrument tracking, and basic mastering.

Stop-Motion Animation

The basic principles of stop-motion animation are explored with hands-on activities in the creation of a stop-motion short.

The Actor’s Experience

On and off-camera performance techniques and skills are introduced and practiced. Includes on-stage and studio acting, with and without cameras.

The Director’s Experience

Participants explore and practice the role of director. Coaching actors, collaboration with cinematographers and editors, team management and other areas will be addressed.

5-day workshop

Avid Media Composer certification workshops

Official training on Avid Media Composer opens the door to unmatched creative and career opportunities. Back up your Media Composer Training investment with industry-recognized certification. Avid’s Media Composer certification is comprised of two levels: User and Professional. Take the first step toward becoming Avid Certified by attending our certification workshops.

Pro Tools certification workshops

From the largest recording facilities to the smallest bedroom studios, Pro Tools® is the most popular sound creation and production system in the world. Mount St. Mary’s offers Certified Avid Training with a comprehensive Pro Tools curriculum to help you get the most out it. Work toward certification as a Pro Tools Operator or Pro Tools Expert to master Pro Tools systems.

Digital Film-making Boot Camp

This intensive 5-day workshop carries participants through the core stages of film-making – pre-production, production, and post-production – while they gain hands on experience in the development, shooting, and editing of a short film.