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Photograph of Sunset Gower Studios

Sunset Gower Studios

Learn in the heart of one of the world’s most inspiring and influential movie-making cities.

Mount Saint Mary’s University offers a hands-on film making experience at a real Hollywood studio where students with a passion for film and television will generate their own concepts and ideas using tools, techniques, and tradecraft to develop effective storytelling scenes.

When the first studios and producers came to Los Angeles and Hollywood back in the silent movie era, they were drawn by 300 days of sunshine and the belief that a youthful industry was about to hit its stride. Indeed, filmmaking became what was arguably the greatest art form of the century, bringing drama, laughter, and attractions to the masses, while ultimately inspiring the advent of television and the new media of today.

A hundred years later, Hollywood is going stronger than ever, with box office revenues approaching $11 billion, and new programming that reaches growing audiences via traditional networks and cables, as well as companies like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon, who are creating trail-blazing content for viewers like you and me.

In other words, this is an exciting time to be a creative person in Hollywood!

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