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Degree Requirements

The Master of Fine Arts in Film & Television is a 2 year program comprised of four main categories. Courses to be taken in each of the four categories are outlined below. 52 total units are required for program completion.

  1. Fundamental Courses (16 units)
  2. Core Program Courses (12 units)
  3. Elective, Internship or Directed Study Courses (9 units)
  4. Thesis and Capstone (15 units)

Fundamental Courses (16 Units)

To be taken in the first year and prior to beginning any Thesis work.

FLM 210A Cinema Production 1 4
FLM 210B Cinema Production 2 4
FLM 221A Post-Production Audio 1 4
FLM 230A Editing 1 4
  Total Credit Hours: 16

Core Program Courses (12 Units)

Students must take at least 12 Units from the following core program courses:

FLM 200A Screenwriting 1 3
FLM 211A Cinematography 1 3
FLM 214 The Documentary 3
FLM 240A Producing 1 3
FLM 250 History of American Cinema 3
FLM 260A Acting 1 3
FLM 290A Directing 1 3
  Total Credit Hours: 12

Elective, Internship or Directed Study (9 Units)

Students must take at least 9 Units of Elective, Internship or Directed Study courses. Electives may include any graduate film courses from the catalog, but may not double count. Special permission is needed to take courses outside the film program

Total Credit Hours: 9

Thesis and Capstone (15 Units)

Students must first complete all Fundamental courses (FLM 210A, FLM 210B, FLM 221A and FLM 230A) prior to beginning Thesis work (15 Units).

FLM 299A Thesis 1 - Pre-Production 4
FLM 299B Thesis 2 - Production 4
FLM 299C Thesis 3 - Post-Production 4
FLM 298 Capstone 3
  Total Credit Hours: 15
  Total Credit Hours for Program: 52