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Student Spotlight


Tina White

Tina White – Multiple Subjects/Masters Candidate

I’m just in love with this school. The teacher-student relationship is nice and intimate, small classes. I bond with my fellow classmates and my professors. There’s a great rapport. You can talk to them, walk up into their office. They share information with you. It’s fantastic. I love, as a first year teacher, the opportunities to use all the materials I learn in the classroom with my class the very next day. They ensure that we are able to work in urban settings and help that diverse student. I have diverse learners in my class. I am able to come to class, try something with my student, and find out that it works! I’m in the weekend program and I love it! It’s still just as demanding. You still get all the information. You still get that intimacy. I truly love Mount St. Mary’s. I love being here and I truly enjoy the atmosphere.

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