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Student Spotlight


Leticia Mendoza - Instructional Leadership

Leticia Mendoza

Prior to applying to the Mount, I hadn't ever heard of the school or the programs it offered.  Needless to say, I am so grateful I stumbled upon the Instructional Leadership program.  Not only is the campus very welcoming, but the classes were all interesting and practical.  The instructors challenged my way of thinking while understanding my needs as a Catholic school educator.  They were in touch with the daily strain that is the life of a teacher, but they were so willing to work with me every step of the way toward my goal.  Classes were intimate and instructors were very available at all hours.  My eyes were opened to an array of useful information that I use with my students quite often, to this day.  Because of the classes I took and the knowledge I gathered at the Mount, I feel that I am a better teacher. I am indebted to my instructors and advisors for their countless emails and conferences full of advice that helped me along the way. Because of this memorable experience, I make sure my colleagues have all heard of the Mount and what it has to offer!

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