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Student Spotlight


Kathy Morones

Kathy Morones - Special Education/Masters Candidate

The reason I selected the Mount is because I had a strong background in business and management, but I had never been a teacher. So, I was concerned about how well my business training and experience would transfer to education. I realized I wanted a program that would offer me not only rigor and information about being a good teacher but would also give me the time and pacing that I needed in order to absorb the skills that were very important to me. I am now in the process of finishing my masters degree and am already fully credentialed. I have loved all of my teachers. I would recommend the program to those especially who are truly interested in being a good teacher, not in the quick fix or rushing through a program way, but being the kind of teacher you always hoped you’d have. I hope you’ll consider the Mount, visit the campus, and get to know the instructors.

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