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Student Spotlight


June Wells Davis

June Wells Davis - Special Education Program Alumni

I recently obtained my Masters in Education at the Mount. I think that anyone considering getting a credential in teaching, should definitely consider coming to Mount Saint Mary’s University. It has been such a wonderful experience. As an older student going into a new area of work, I knew I had something to offer. But, I didn't know how much until I came to the Mount. Not only did I learn about myself, but I learned about people who cared about me and the kind of teacher I would become. You can't ask for a better experience, and I know because I did try somewhere else before. You can't beat the campus! It's beautiful and the parking is easy. I know that I have not only gained an education, but I've gained a circle of people who will be here for me forever. Not just my peers I've gone to school with, but the educators as well. I gained friends. I have gained a new family at the Mount. And I say to you whether you're just starting our or if you are, like me, returning to change your career, this is the place to be. Its calming, it's welcoming, and you'll get a darned good education.

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