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Student Spotlight


Jeanette Candamone

Jeanette Ann Cardamone - Multiple Subjects/Masters Alumni
Current Position: Principal, St. Elizabeth Parish School

Mount Saint Mary’s University welcomed me to the credential program shortly after my husband had been diagnosed with cancer. I was the mother of three young children who needed to make sure I had a career path that would allow me to care for my children while securing our future. From the moment I showed up for my first counseling session it was clear that the Mount was a place where I would get a quality education in an environment that was nurturing with a personal touch. Although my schedule was busy raising children and teaching, I successfully completed the credential program. The course work was relevant and challenging and the professors and advisors were accessible and knowledgeable. Their personal experiences and “in the field” understanding of the curriculum enhanced the classroom experience. The educational opportunity I was afforded at Mount Saint Mary’s University has allowed me today to have the privilege of being a principal with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

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