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Student Spotlight


Bertha Rodriguez

Bertha Rodriguez – Multiple Subjects/Masters – Alumni

I decided to get my masters degree at the Mount because I received my Bachelor’s here. The Mount has been a wonderful place to learn and meet people. I’ve really enjoyed my education as a graduate student. I’ve not only learned a lot from instructors, but also from my peers. When I began I had been working in corporate and I wanted to change my career to teaching. I came to the right place. My experiences here have made me a better teacher. I just finished my last seminar class for my credential. Being that I am a full time teacher and a mother, I knew the program would require a lot of me. But, I was able to do it. What really helped me was the support of my advisor, Dr. Feldman-Abe who was always there to help me through the process and help me know exactly what I needed to do. My classes were always rewarding. Students and faculty were always ready to explain things. The Mount is a very warm environment. You always find someone to help you get answers to your questions. I feel really confident that I will be a marketable person in any district.

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