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Tips for new History Teachers

One of our recent Mount Alums, Jody Passanisi, has joined forces with some colleagues to provide new History/Social Science teachers with advice and resources. Please feel free to check out her contributions to the field. They begin their blog with the following...

"Congratulations on your new social studies class! Whether you are teaching fourth grade social studies, or seventh grade history, you are probably feeling a combination of excitement and trepidation. Maybe we can help with the trepidation!

The three of us who contribute to the Future of History blog got together to brainstorm what we wished we'd known our first year of teaching. We've tried to narrow our focus to the particular needs of the new teacher in the social studies classroom.

Many of our "tips" are things you've probably heard or tried out in your teacher preparation programs, but we know that being reminded of what's essential never hurts.

Here's what we came up with – hope it's helpful!

Tips for New History Teachers

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