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Sr. Kieran Honored at MSMU

The Director of Liberal Studies, Sr. Kieran Vaughan, was honored on Saturday, March 13th for her 50 years of service to her religious community, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. In the Education Department, we would like to offer some words of thanks for her service to our students. Written below are just a few voices of the many who have benefited from Sr. Kieran's dedication and caring. We look forward to many more years of collaboration with her.

With admiration,
The Education Department at Mount Saint Mary’s University

I admire Sr. Kieran for her hard work and dedication to Mount Saint Mary’s University. I have had the opportunity to have Sr. Kieran as my advisor and professor, and she is second to none. She loves her job and is good at what she does; always helpful and reliable, always going above and beyond what her job requires. I know that if I ever need to contact her, I can expect a speedy response; if I ever need advisement, I know her door is always open. I can count on Sr. Kieran. Sr. Kieran stands out to me, not only as an advisor or professor, but also as an individual. Much of my success at the Mount is in a due in large part to Sr. Kieran; she took the time to know me, and has guided me through my time at the Mount. I would like to thank Sr. Kieran for all the support she has provided me and for making my Mount St. Mary's experience all the more memorable. Without Sr. Kieran, Mount St. Mary's wouldn't have been the same.

Thank you, Sr. Kieran.
---Doris Magana

Congratulations on your Golden Jubilee! I am very glad to have you as my advisor and I feel very blessed to be able to go to you for advice. The long remarkable years of continuous work serving our community are being greatly recognized. I hope that God continues to bless you and keep you safe and in his arms. Thank you for being such a great advisor!

---Selena Castro

My experience at Mount Saint Mary’s University has truly been unforgettable. Here I learned a great many things about the acquisition and application of knowledge as it pertains to the real world and I also met great people who have been of great support since the beginning of my Mount experience. Sr. Kieran is one of those people.

Sr. Kieran has been a great support in my development as a student, and now as a professional. I took several seminar courses with her, and during these courses not only did I learn that being on time really matters, since Sr. Kieran would begin her lecture at 8am on the dot, but I learned that caring for your students is what makes a great teacher. Sr. Kieran is never afraid to ask: Are you working on your assignment? Nor is she afraid to take some time out of her busy schedule to listen to her students' stories. She cares for her students' academic and personal well-being.

I remember one day when I went to advisement (it was my second semester at the Mount), I told Sr. that I wanted to take 18 units and I also told her that I worked and was a commuter with no car. She told me that it was better to reach my goal sane than to burn myself out. I really appreciated her advice. I know that if I had taken up such a heavy load, I wouldn't have graduated in the spring of 2009 as a Cum Laude.

Sr. Kieran was also in Virginia with me for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund Fellowship workshop during presentations. When I went up to present my Summer Project in front of all 2008 recipients, their mentors, and all the Rockefeller staff, Sr. Kieran encouraged me to do my best. After presenting she congratulated me for my presentation and continued to provide her support. Sr. Kieran is a great advisor, a great teacher, and a great person. She exemplifies the spirit of the Mount, because she is dedicated to being of service to others.

Congratulations Sr. Kieran for your 50 years of service!
God bless you,
Karina Contreras

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