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Presentations by Dr. Devery Rodgers

rodgers-dDr. Devery Rodgers is the Director of Instructional Leadership and Clear Credential programs in the Education Department. Dr. Rodgers presented her dissertation findings on K12 Social Media Policy at three different conferences: the 2013 National Conference on Education, for the nation's superintendents, the 2013 Computer-Using Educators' Conference, and the TICAL Conference/School Leadership Summit, for California's School Administrators. These policies directly affect how Mount student teachers interact with their classroom students around social media. Dr. Rodgers continued presenting in her area of expertise at the American Education Research Association 2013 Conference, as a roundtable facilitator and discussant for hybrid learning models in education. Broadening from the education department, these views affect platforms of learning for the college, as a whole.

Upcoming, Dr. Rodgers has two upcoming presentations which greatly impact student programs. Dr. Rodgers will present her findings on "Teacher Leadership: Definitions from the Field", at the annual ASCD Conference. The Association of Curriculum & Development is the premiere conference for K12 educators, hosted March 15-17, 2014 in Los Angeles. Her study examines administrative perspective of teacher leaders, directly tying to the preparation of instructional leaders within the IL program. Dr. Rodgers will also present "Best Practices for Blended Learning" at the Los Angeles Diocese's Blended Learning Summit on February 11, 2014 . This content affects platforms of learning at the college, as a whole.

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