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Masters Sharing 2012

The Education Department proudly hosted our annual Masters Sharing event on the Doheny Campus Tuesday, May 1st. Thirty-two graduating students presented their masters projects during this poster sharing event.


Here is a sample of the projects completed this year:

  • Improving Basic Mathematics Fluency in Fourth Grade Students: The Use of Detect, Practice, and Repair by Dalia Perez
  • Blogging in the Classroom to Enhance Engagement and Participation by Zenaida Alonso
  • The Interdisciplinary Integration of Art Education: Using Abstract Art to Enhance Understanding of Relating Fractions to Decimals and Demonstrating Equivalent Fractions by Cecilia Bianchi
  • Effective Strategies to Help Students in Special Education Solve Word Problems by Marthangelica Pallais
  • How Does a Two-Way Immersion Curriculum Differentiate for Gifted Learners? by Martha Soto
  • Physical Activity and the Elementary Classroom: A Study of Best Practices by Elementary Teachers by Kimberly Myers
  • The Effect of Critical Pedagogy on Meaning Making in Secondary Art Curricula by Cristina Faulkner

Conversation filled the room as graduates presented their accomplishments to one another and invited guests during two rotations. Projects were described and implications for their teaching practices were shared. The Graduate Dean, Dr. Linda Moody, remarked that this event demonstrated how prepared the graduates are to move forward in their professional careers as teacher-scholars. The pride on the faces of graduates was evident and many reflected on what a difference this experience has made on their approach to planning, instruction, and/or classroom management. The graduating class of 2012 offered a wonderful display of their hard work and achievements. Congratulations to all!

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