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Masters Sharing 2010

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The Education Department proudly hosted our annual Masters Sharing event on the Doheny Campus Tuesday, May 4th. Thirty-two graduating students presented their masters projects during this poster sharing event.

Here is a sample of the projects completed this year:

  • Professional Development to Increase Teacher Content Knowledge and Pedagogy and its Results on Student Achievement, by Margaret Samaniego
  • Creatingand Defining the Multicultural Classroom: Teaching Shakespeare in the Inner-City, by Robert Matteson
  • The Effectiveness of Hands-on Manipulatives Versus Virtual Manipulatives in Mathematics, by Theresa Lee
  • Brain-Based Intervention for Phonological Deficits in Reading: Compensating for Neurological Differences in Dyslexic Students, by Kristen Ruffner May
  • The Effect s of Graphic Organizers on Vocabulary Development, by Miriam Kassabgui
  • Evaluating the Effects of Service-Learning on Students' Academic and Personal Development, by Kara Smith
  • Helping Middle School Students Succeed Through Daily Parent Contact, by Adrienne Ferguson
  • Perceptions Toward Inclusion: Perspectives of the Administrator, Teachers, Paraprofessionals and Students at a Catholic Elementary School, by Ashley Muro

Energy filled the room as half of the graduates presented their accomplishments. Statements were heard around the room such as, "I am so glad I did this. It really made a difference for my students." Others commented on the challenge of the task, but also reflected on its value and the pride that comes from completing a successful teacher-researcher project. During the second round, while the second half of the students discussed their literature reviews, purposes, methods, and findings, a prospective student who came to the event in order to learn more about the program commented that she'd learned some new things she planned to use the following day in her own class. It was a fabulous culmination to all the hard work students have devoted to becoming high quality teachers. Congratulations to all!

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