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The MFA in Creative Writing at Mount Saint Mary’s University takes an inclusive approach to teaching and mentoring its writers.  Freedom of artistic expression and mutual tolerance are at the heart of serving the multiplicity of its international student body.  Each writer is encouraged to take aesthetic risks, while seeking understanding and showing a willingness to respect discrepant points of view in and out of the classroom.

The artist by nature is often a dissenter. When this act is undertaken with sympathy of mind, differences in outlook get expressed in a range of ideas and practices. The spirit of imaginative dissent, individual conscience and collaboration informs all endeavors of the MFA: the classroom; mentoring; our international literary conference; the Parlor reading series; The Rush magazine; study abroad; and our multi-faceted, ethnically and culturally adventurous curriculum. 

The MFA teaches the concept of Literary Citizenship, in which the contribution to the Republic of Letters is important: supporting our fellow writers in spirit and in practice; supporting the world of independent publishing and reviewing; bringing a selfless/ethical component to building a community of writers; working for the overall literacy and betterment of the literary culture at large. MSMU’s Catholic (and catholic) mission emphasizes these very values and our mission is congruent with it.