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Humanities and Creative Writing

An art piece featuring different parts making up a human face.

The MFA in Creative Writing values its cooperative relationship with the MA in Humanities. Our student writers are schooled in cultural, historical and literary traditions that must be an integral part of the intellectual repertoire of the professional writer.  We put a premium on complementing knowledge of modern and contemporary Western and non-Western traditions with those that precede us by centuries.  Likewise, preparation in a broad spectrum of humanistic thought helps MFA students become critical thinkers.  Our program is truly multicultural in embracing world literature as well as the absorbing and exciting range of ethnic literature within the U.S.  Our status within a Hispanic-serving institution also is meaningful to the MFA in Creative Writing, as well as Mount Saint Mary's undergraduate historical dedication to the success of women in our co-educational graduate program.  We put a premium on nurturing the whole student with a holistic approach to the shaping of a writer.