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Our MFA offers two kinds of flexibility: weekend study, meeting six times per semester, and online study, which does not require your physical presence. All courses have an online component, meaning that half of the course is conducted in our course management system, Canvas. Dedicated to the tutorial element of the course (i.e., writing essays and exercises that go only to your professor), your Canvas work prepares you for your in-class meetings. In-person sessions are devoted to workshops of student writing and discussion of assigned books.

Fully online courses are not radically different in nature from weekend ones. You still write, read, discuss, and respond to your peers' work. Quality and quantity of instruction is the same. Some professors use video conferences to provide the workshop experience; others use the platform creatively to offer written exchanges. The same professors teach weekend and online courses. We all participate in online learning, and enjoy it.

Some students elect to complete the program exclusively online. More often, students mix and match.

We emphasize that we do not have two separate programs. We have a single MFA program, with courses delivered in two modalities. In a given course, you will find students from the L.A. area, and those from far away.  Whether you complete 100% or 25% of your degree from a distance, online learning is an asset. Canvas make us more available to you, and helps you continue your progress as a writer without any significant gaps.

OUT-OF-STATE STUDENTS: Please note that not all states are authorized for students to enroll in our fully online MFA Creative Writing program at MSMU. Please visit our State Authorization webpage to confirm if you are eligible to enroll based on your state of residency.