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Degree Requirements

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Degree Requirements (minimum of 36 units required)

Program Description

The MFA in Creative Writing Program is a 36-unit interdisciplinary course of study that culminates in a terminal degree that qualifies the holder to teach at the college level. The coursework includes fifteen unit hours in creative writing workshops [including bilingual creative writing when offered], three hours of literary theory, nine additional unit hours in Humanities and Film electives, three hours of electives, and six hours of thesis. We do not allow either the Humanities Internship course nor the Teaching course in our curriculum as units toward the degree. The MFA student completes a critical essay and an original creative writing manuscript in a selected genre.

Completion of fifteen (15) units of Creative Writing Workshops

  • CRW 230 Fiction Writing I (3)
  • CRW 240 Fiction Writing II (3)
  • CRW 231 Poetry Writing I (3)
  • CRW 241 Poetry Writing II (3)
  • CRW 233 Creative Non-Fiction Writing I (3)
  • CRW 234 Creative Non-Fiction Writing II (3)
  • CRW 236 Playwriting I (3)
  • CRW 246 Playwriting II (3)
  • CRW 248 Special Topics in Creative Writing (3)

Completion of three (3) units of Literary Theory or Poetics (CRW 244) in the first year, and nine (9) units of Humanities (HUM) Electives and/or FLM 259 or FLM 265 (Film Studies) and/or CRW 232 (Screenwriting) and/or CRW 299C Publishing Seminar (total of 12 units).

  •  See Masters in Humanities course list for course offerings and descriptions.
  •  FLM 259 Special Topics in Film Studies
  •  FLM 265 A The Film Auteur
  • CRW 232 Writing for the Screen I
  • CRW 299 C Publishing Seminar (3)

Electives  (3 units required)

  • Any additional Creative Writing, Film or Humanities courses.

Thesis (6 units required)

  • Thesis CRW 296 (3)
  • Thesis continuation CRW 297 A,B, and C (1 unit each)

Required for completion of the degree is submission of a 120-page manuscript in one genre - fiction, creative nonfiction, play, screenplay or teleplay; or 50 pages of poetry - closely reviewed, edited and refined with the assistance of the student's Thesis Committee. The Creative Writing thesis can be written in English and/or Spanish.  For more information on the Thesis proposal and approval process, contact the MFA in Creative Writing Program office.Thesis continuation is a 1 unit course, taken with advisor’s approval as needed.