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Latin American/LatinX Creative Studies Certificate

If you are curious about Latin American and Latinx cultural traditions and creative writing, LALCS is for you. Join a unique, flexible, powerful, and practical graduate certificate focused on Latin America and Latinx cultural contributions before the European arrival, until the present. LALCS is happy to enrich your educational experience or your career in psychology, social services, arts, education, law, teaching, and serves as personal enrichment, to mention just a few.

With a multidisciplinary perspective and variety of lenses, LALCS offers you the creative writing and study abroad component to develop your intellectual interests and creative skills while exploring diverse cultures from the Caribbean to Southern, Central, and Northern Latinx-America. LALCS integrates anthropology, history, ethnography, literature, arts, and culture in the class materials that include novels, novellas, short stories, poetry, memoirs, essays, films, documentaries, music, painting, and more. LALCS also gives you the skills to write in different genres that range from poetry, prose, short story, flash fiction, travel writing, to novella, memoir, essay, and personal non-fiction. LALCS will encourage you to participate in its Study Abroad experience in Cuzco, Peru, a summer devoted to visiting Machu Picchu, witness parades and festivals in the main square, enjoy its cuisine, and develop writing skills as fiction and travel writer.

LALCS also offers you a faculty with degrees in comparative literature, postmodern fiction, experimental poetry, Latin American and Borderlands History, and Mexican film. Their publications and productions spans novel, short story, poetry, feature writing, screenplays, stage plays, non-fiction, history, ethnography, literary criticism, and translation. In classes, as well as at the MFA program annual conference, they are ready to engage you in conversations to think critically about creative writing, and the literature, history, and culture of the complex Latin America and LatinX regions.  

LALCS is the path to be an engaged citizen in the global society we live in. Develop the critical thinking and writing skills to be in dialogue with the rest of the world, and enjoy an enriched career in which you will share expertise and concern with others at home and abroad.

Latin American & LatinX Creative Studies Certificate Courses

Below is a sample of courses students can take in the Latin American & LatinX Creative Studies Certificate program. Students must complete 15 units to receive the certificate. Please note that course offerings and course requirements are subject to change without notice. Please contact the program for more information.