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Creative Writing

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Write in the Heart of Los Angeles

The two year, 36-unit MFA in Creative Writing Program at Mount Saint Mary's University, Los Angeles, is an artist-training program for students who want to write professionally in the genres of novel, short story, playwriting, poetry, screenplay and non-fiction. We are ideal for working adults. Our format of meeting every other weekend, six times per semester, lets you fit into your life a graduate degree while keeping your other commitments.

What gives our program its special character?  We develop writers in multiple genres, believing that you can excel in more than one.   We are interested in the whole writer, an expert who isn't narrow.  Our integration of the humanities into our course of study reflects commitment to intellectual rigor and liberal arts as the cornerstone of human understanding.  We pay close attention to your needs as a developing artist.  The courses are demanding, disciplined, and the level is high.  In short, we give you your money's worth.

The teachers in our program put a premium on helping our students into their professional careers, through continued mentoring.  This means not only teaching the techniques that make you the best writer you can be, but also preparing you for the publication market.  Our writers and director, combined, have a long track record of helping students to national and international literary prizes and book-length publications.  Whatever your career path, our job is to help you write stories, novels, plays, poems, or screenplays, at the highest level, and get them into print or staged before an appreciative public.  In that, we are practical minded and the curriculum is set up to get you there.

Our students are of all ages and from many different educational backgrounds.  You do not need to have taken a degree in literature in order to apply to us.  

Combining humanistic depth, intellectual rigor, multicultural and bilingual study, technology, a flexible weekend format, cross-training in multiple genres, and practical preparation-that is what makes our MFA in Creative Writing stand apart.  Come study with us on the Mount Saint Mary's campus, a gem right in the heart of Los Angeles.

Currently Accepting Applications