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General Counseling


The General Counseling Psychology Specialization is a 36-unit program that explores counseling theories and topics, but does not have a fieldwork requirement (and therefore does not prepare students for professional licensure). This specialization is designed for students who wish to earn a master’s degree in this fascinating field, but are not interested in becoming licensed therapists. Socially and psychologically minded individuals in business, education or other areas may find this the ideal graduate degree. For some, this can be a natural stepping stone to doctoral level studies.

The first year of coursework within the General Counseling Psychology Specialization consists of required core classes. An additional 18 units of electives will be completed in the second year. Students can choose to complete the electives in the graduate psychology program or take a minimum of 9 units in graduate psychology and up to 9 units in other MSMU graduate programs such as Humanities, Education and Religious Studies. Individualized course plans will be tailored to each student through consultations with an academic advisor.

Program Curriculum

Required Core Graduate Psychology Classes (18 units)

PSY 225 Counseling Theories (3)
PSY 227 Introduction to Counseling (3)
PSY 268 Psychopathology (3)
PSY 203 Multicultural Counseling (3)
PSY 285 Practitioner Research Design & Analysis (3)
PSY 200 Applying Research to Practice (3)
PSY 276 Ethics across Counseling Professions (3)
PSY 273 Law and Ethics in Counseling (MFT) (3)


Minimum of 9 elective units in graduate psychology + up to 6 units in other MSMU graduate programs (e.g., Humanities; Education; Religious Studies)

This specialization does NOT lead to professional licensure.

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