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Counseling Psychology

Graduate Programs

Career Planning

Careers don't just happen—they are planned. It may be hard to think beyond graduation, but it is crucial for your long-term success to set a goal and make a plan for reaching it.

My Annual Plan (MAP)

Developed for Mount graduate students, MAP is an annual planning tool to help you identify short and long-term goals to help you make timely progress through your degree program and achieve your career objectives. Download your MAP and start making plans today! 

One-on-one career advisor appointments are available to current students at the Professional & Academic Resource Center (PARC) to clarify your interests, skills and values. Our goal is to assist you in exploring career options, prepare for internships and jobs, build connections and alleviate your fears about life after grad school. 

Internship Search

Whether you’re undecided about your career path or know exactly what you want to do, we will help you explore possible career paths.

An internship is a wonderful and effective way to connect your graduate experience with the professional work arena, and is often considered one of the most significant related experiences on a resume at graduation. It is important to understand 3 things about internships prior to researching and participating in one:

  1. The internship experience is an incredibly valuable tool for professional development and allows you to gain exposure to the workplace.
  2. The internship experience can have a tremendous impact on future career opportunities.
  3. When you are interning you are a representation of your brand, your school and your field.

Accessing Internship Databases

The following databases are here to jumpstart your internship search. Don't be afraid to look beyond these sources and stretch outside your comfort zone!

Career Areas

Graduates of the General Counseling Psychology program have made an impact in nonprofits, government agencies, NGOs, and variety of academic settings and organizations. Use the list below to explore your possibilities.

Please Note:

  • The Career Areas listed are typical for GCP students but not a comprehensive list. For more career ideas, explore other useful tools. And remember – careers today no longer follow linear trajectories that take you from graduation to your ideal job. Embrace the notion that you have to explore to create unique career paths. It just takes imagination and proactive effort.
  • Other Useful Tools: Visit our Career Services & Internships page.

Area: Education


  • Adult learning/Community instruction (e.g., GED classes, life skills, parenting, etc.)

Higher Education Administration and Student Support Services

  • Admissions
  • Financial Aid
  • Academic Advising
  • Development
  • Alumni Affairs
  • International Education and Study Abroad
  • Career Services
  • Residence Life
  • Student Activities and Greek Life
  • Orientation
  • Leadership
  • Multicultural Affairs
  • Recreational Sports


  • Public and private K-12 schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Government agencies
  • Federal Trio programs (e.g., Upward Bound, Talent Search)
  • Nonprofit organizations (e.g., Project Grad)
  • College prep programs

Area: Human Services

Direct Care

  • Counseling
  • Case Management
  • Mental health services
  • Physical health and wellness
  • Crisis work
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Performance enhancement
  • Testing/Assessment
  • Law enforcement


  • Counseling
  • Advocacy
  • Programming
  • Community relations
  • Management
  • Development/Fundraising
  • Grant writing

Professional Association Links