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Program Specializations

Marriage and Family Therapy (60 units)

The Master's degree in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy will teach students to apply psychotherapeutic research and principles in the treatment of individuals, couples and families. The focus of the program is on clinical assessment, planning and implementation of treatment goals for those with emotional difficulties and distress. Students will learn the theories and ethical practice of psychotherapy, to be applied in a variety of treatment settings. The program meets academic requirements for those who seek the California Marriage and Family Therapy License.

General Counseling Psychology (36 Units)

Our General Counseling Psychology Specialization is a 36 unit program that explores counseling theories and topics, but does not have a field work requirement (and therefore does not prepare students for professional licensure). This specialization is designed for students who wish to earn a master’s degree in this fascinating field, but are not interested in becoming licensed therapists.

¡Enlaces! Certificate-Counseling the Spanish-Speaking Client

The ¡Enlaces! Certificate familiarizes students with the diversity of cultures in the Spanish-speaking community, the unique issues that these cultures bring to the counseling setting. Professional terminology and theory in Spanish, and the Spanish-language psychological literature, are emphasized, in addition to practicum experience working with Spanish-speaking clients. This certificate program is a unique focus of the Mount Saint Mary’s University Master's in Counseling degree (MFT Specialization required.)

The Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT) and Professional Clinical Counselor (PCC) programs meet the standards and have been approved by the California Board of Behavioral Science, leading to an MFT or PCC counselor license in California. Mount Saint Mary’s is in the process of researching program professional licensure standards in other states.