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Program Goals and Outcomes

The Graduate Psychology Department has identified goals and student learning outcomes for our students to master during their graduate program at Mount Saint Mary’s University. They are as follows: 

  • Goal

    Clinical Evaluation:

    Students will demonstrate an ability to evaluate clients and assess crisis situations.

  • Outcome
    1. Outcome 1: Clinical Evaluation:

    2. Student is able to conduct a thorough clinical evaluation including a case’s presenting problem, psychosocial history, mental status exam, and diagnosis.

    3. Outcome 2: Crisis:

    4. Student demonstrates a thorough understanding of crisis and trauma and is able to manage crisis situations throughout the case.

  • Treatment:

    Students will demonstrate an understanding of different theoretical orientations and counseling interventions.

    1. Outcome 3: Treatment Plan:

    2. Student will develop an intervention plan for a case using one theoretical orientation.

    3. Outcome 4: Treatment:

    4. Student provides a range of interventions as well as alternative interventions consistent with treatment plan and theory with a rationale.

  • Law and Ethics:

    Students will demonstrate knowledge of law and ethics in the field of counseling psychology.

    1. Outcome 5: Ethics & Laws:

    2. Students demonstrate knowledge of professional code of ethics, confidentiality issues, the legal responsibilities of counseling ethics, and liabilities of practice and research, familiarity with regional and federal laws as they relate to counseling.

  • Human Diversity:

    Students will demonstrate cultural competency and its application in a clinical setting.

    1. Outcome 6: Human Diversity:

    2. Student exhibits sensitivity to issues of human and cultural diversities when working in the field of counseling.

  • Research Competence:

    Students will demonstrate an ability to evaluate and apply research to the field of psychology.

    1. Outcome 7: Research Competence:

      Student demonstrates an ability to evaluate and apply research to a clinical case study.

The Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT) and Professional Clinical Counselor (PCC) programs meet the standards and have been approved by the California Board of Behavioral Science, leading to an MFT or PCC counselor license in California. Mount Saint Mary’s is in the process of researching program professional licensure standards in other states.