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Approved Traineeship Sites

All students in the MFT specialization must complete a field work traineeship in their last year. This is an opportunity to work with clients and finally put into practice what they have learned in graduate school. The traineeship is 15-20 hours per week, and most often occurs during the daytime hours so the student must be prepared to make arrangements to be available for their final training experience. Each student has the opportunity to select their own traineeship from the list below.

Download the Approved Traineeship Sites List

For information about these sites, as well as other potential sites that have not yet been approved, please see the Los Angeles County Social Service Resources Directory available in the Graduate Psychology Department office.

The Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT) and Professional Clinical Counselor (PCC) programs meet the standards and have been approved by the California Board of Behavioral Science, leading to an MFT or PCC counselor license in California. Mount Saint Mary’s is in the process of researching program professional licensure standards in other states.