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Diverse Populations

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Students in our Diverse Populations specialization may select any population(s) (e.g. LGBTQ, African-American, Asian-American), in which they would like to build expertise.

The purpose of the Diverse Populations specialization is to train mindful psychological clinicians to work in underserved mental health communities. In order to accomplish this, we weave the perspectives of Diverse Populations throughout both the required and elective courses in this full-time, five-year graduate program. The proposed PsyD program in Clinical Psychology is designed to prepare students who will ultimately become licensed psychologists as professional, practice-focused clinicians. 

For the first two years of study, the Diverse Populations specialization will mirror that of the Latinx Mental Health specialization. However, while students of each specialization will be required to enroll in the same coursework, differentiated instruction will be integrated so that students develop deeper knowledge and expertise in the chosen areas of specialization. For instance, while an individual student delves deeper into issues pertaining to LGBT populations, other students in the Latinx Mental Health track will also benefit and gain knowledge from such discussions.

By year three, students studying the Diverse Populations specialization will be offered electives that help to focus and refine their studies. Electives may also address pressing topics that may not be part of the designated APA curriculum. For example, students enrolled in the Diverse Populations specialization may select any population(s) in which they would like to build expertise.

This program will culminate with a fifth-year, full-time clinical internship. Students will work closely with their advisor to fulfill a dissertation requirement prior to beginning their clinical internship to help inform their practice. Internship placements may be local or national in scope.

All students will be encouraged to work closely with the Career Advisor at the Professional and Academic Resource Center (PARC) to frame their CVs and strategize their practicum, internship, and job search.  


The MSMU PsyD Clinical Psychology program meets the graduate education requirements in the state of California for licensure as a psychologist. Students seeking licensure in another state should contact the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards for licensure requirements. For more information, please contact or 213-477-2658.