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Semester Outline


(up to 9 credit hours)

BUS 201 Foundations of Economics

BUS 202 Foundations of Accounting

BUS 203 Foundations of Finance

BUS 205 Foundations of Management

BUS 206 Foundations of Marketing

Semester 1 Theme
Setting The Stage:  External Global Business Environment (9 credit hours)


BUS 210 Data: Collection, Crunching & Communicating

BUS 211 Introduction to Graduate Studies

  • Coaching assessment

BUS 212 Change Assessment in the External Environment

  • Basic tenants of change

BUS 213 Analytical Models & Future Projections
BUS 214 Interpreting Financial Signals: The Economy
BUS 215 Interpreting Financial Signals: The Competitors Position
BUS 216 Information Collection, Analysis and Interpretation

  • Marketing

BUS 217 Assessing the Organization's External Environment

  • The role of the corporate office
  • SBU management and implementers

BUS 218 Market Assessment and Analysis for New Opportunities

  • Signals and Position
  • Global vs. local
  • Fit in the international perspective

Semester 2 Theme
Designing the Organization’s Future:  Internal Strategy (9 credit hours)


E-business for business managers

Strategy design and corporate strategic response
Financial decision-making
Operations management to support strategic position
Branding, strategic positioning and customers
Strategic resource allocation and development
Leaders and implementation
The role of entrepreneurs
Organizations at different stages of development

  • Creating new directions: resource application

Coaching and presentation

Semester 3 Theme
Making it Happen: Implementation of Strategy (9 credit hours)


Leadership and management of change
Managerial behavior and innovation

Major figures in management theory
Managerial accounting and productivity measurements
Project Management
Role of the Board of Directors and key stakeholders

SOX and ethics

Global business colloquium (international travel study)

International business etiquette

Semester 4 Theme
Concentration and Culminating Project (9 credit hours)


Concentration Courses
Culminating Project