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The MBA Oath

Upon completing the program each participant takes the MBA oath, which reads:

As a business leader I recognize my role in society and the world. Since my decisions and actions may affect and influence individuals and society as a whole, I promise that:

  • I will act with utmost integrity and pursue my work and endeavors in an ethical manner.
  • I will safeguard the interests of my stakeholders, co-workers, customers and the communities in which we operate.
  • I will lead my professional life in good faith, guarding against decisions and behavior that may harm others.
  • I will take responsibility for my actions, and I will represent the performance and risks of my organization accurately and honestly.
  • I will develop both myself and others so that we collectively continue to grow and contribute to the well-being of society.
  • I will strive to create sustainable economic, social, and environmental prosperity worldwide.
  • I will be accountable to my peers and we will be accountable to each other for living by this oath.

This oath I make freely, and upon my honor.