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Semester Outline

Foundation Courses
Students take one course at a time at three weeks per course.
(1 Units) BUS 201 — Foundation of Business Economics
(2 Units) BUS 202 — Essentials of Accounting             
(2 Units) BUS 203 — Essentials of Finance                                     
(2 Units) BUS 205 — Essentials of Management              
(2 Units) BUS 206 — Essentials of Marketing                                      
9 Units
(1 Unit) BUS 270 Residency , Thursday 1pm- Sunday 12pm
             Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods, Career Coaching, Etiquette Luncheon, and
 1 Unit  Introduction to the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet
Module I: Analyzing the External Environment
Semester 1: (16 Weeks or 4 mos.)
(2 Units)  BUS 271 Economics and the Environment                         
(2 Units)   BUS 272 Change Leadership                                                   
(2 Units)   BUS 273 Strategy                                                                        
(2 Units)   BUS 274 Finance                                                                          
8 Unit
Module II:
Semester 2: (16 Weeks or 4 mos.)
(3 Units)  BUS 275 Managerial Accounting and Finance                 
(3 Units)  BUS 276 Marketing                                                     
(3 Units)  BUS 277 Strategic Management and Leadership            
9 Unit
Module III
Semester 3: (16 Weeks or 4 mos.)  
(3 Units)  BUS 278 Project and Operations Management               
(3 Units)  BUS 279 Entrepreneurship and Innovation      
(3 Units)  BUS 280 Field Study in China or
                BUS 281 Course on International Trade in the 21st Century      
 9 Units
Module IV
Semester 4: (16 Weeks or 4 mos.)
(1 Unit)  BUS 282 Residency- Thursday 1pm to Sunday 12pm – Career Coaching, Consulting  
                                                    and Project Preparation
 1 Unit
(5 Units) Concentration Course (Student choose one from A, B or C)
     A. Entrepreneurship                                                                                                      
          (2 Units) BUS 283 Marketing and Innovation for Entrepreneurs
          (3 Units) BUS 284 Entrepreneurship Seminars
     B. Organizational Leadership                                                               
          (2 Units) BUS 285 Organizational Dynamics
          (3 Units) BUS 286 Organizational Leadership Seminar
     C. Project Management                                                                                                             
          (2 Units) BUS 287 Project Management Theory and Practice
          (3 Units) BUS 288 Project Management Seminar
(3 Units) BUS 289 Culminating Project: Students make culminating project final presentation to faculty and/or client in the sixteenth week of the semester via Synchronous technology.
8 Unit

Participants in the Online MBA also benefit from the Mount’s cutting -edge career coaching opportunities and will work with Mount faculty specializing in this area to address students’ career objectives and goals, leveraging over thirty-years of career coaching experience from the MBA professoriate. Online MBA students may also take advantage of professional services to students in tutoring, writing and other academic support services from the Mount’s renowned Professional Academic & Resource Center.

Please note that if you intend to live outside the state of California while you are taking online classes, please visit our State of Authorization page for more information.