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Hybrid MBA

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The Hybrid MBA Program at Mount Saint Mary’s University offers students the same benefits as our Weekend and Online MBA Program, but with broader flexibility by combining on-campus and online courses during the weekday. Participants in this program can pivot between traditional, face-to-face class sessions while broadening their horizons in graduate business study within a leading online learning platform, Canvas. On-campus classes take place at the Mount’s Doheny campus, adjacent to downtown Los Angeles and the business and financial center.

The Evening Hybrid program maintains our innovative, theme-based modular approach to learning intact. Modules are designed to help business professionals integrate external business information with the strengths and opportunities of their organizations; and by blending business disciplines that are traditionally kept separate (i.e. marketing, finance, business law), students will develop a more comprehensive view of how disciplines come together in a real business environment.

  • Module 1 – Setting the Stage: Understanding the External Global Business Environment
  • Module 2 – Designing the Organization’s Future: Internal Strategy
  • Module 3 – Implementation of Strategy
  • Module 4 – Culminating Consulting Project and Concentration

Once students are in Module 4, they can choose from the following MBA concentrations:

  • Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Project Management

The program culminates in a final project addressing a challenge or opportunity in either your own organization or that of a student colleague.