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MBA Curriculum

Business Administration

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Your MBA journey unfolds over a sequence of 5 unique semesters, each building off the last. In just 20 months you’ll gain valuable skills to advance your career while transforming into an Industry Genius. Discover where the journey starts, and where you’ll go, in the sections below.

Sky View Semester

Your MBA journey begins with Sky View – a one-semester, executive-level overview of the 5 core business areas of Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, and Economics. These classes are unique, looking at the core business disciplines from a high perspective while making strategic connections back to the specific modules you’ll take later in the program.

In this semester, you will grow accustomed to our intense weekend-only format in a supportive and gradual way. The focus here is on developing you as a whole student, making sure you have the knowledge, confidence, and skills necessary to succeed throughout our rigorous program.

Exterior Semester

In your second semester, you’ll learn how to analyze and interpret the outside conditions in which organizations operate. Along the way, you’ll take modules focused on change management, business strategy, economic decision making, and competitive analysis.

Special emphasis is placed on learning how to interpret data to persuasively advocate for a particular point of view.

Interior Semester

In your third semester, you’ll learn how to analyze an organization’s inner workings and then take that knowledge to create long-term competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Topics you'll explore include financial decision making, brand positioning, strategic resource allocation, leadership theory, operational support, and entrepreneurial preconditioning.

Change Semester

In your fourth semester, you’ll learn how to implement new business practices while navigating the obstacles of change. Coursework focuses on leadership theory, managerial effectiveness, financial & accounting based decision making, and the use of productivity measures to monitor the effectiveness of change.

This semester you’ll also embark on a 9-day global field experience, taking you to centers of global business around the world.

Industry Genius Semester

You'll enter your final semester armed with a powerful arsenal of new knowledge and skills. In this semester, you’ll begin by choosing your own set of concentration classes.

We currently offer three unique concentrations in EntrepreneurshipProject Management, and Organizational Leadership. A future concentration in Accounting and a one-of-a-kind dual MBA/MFA degree with our Film School are also coming soon.

Regardless of concentration choice, all students complete a real-life consulting project during this final semester. Our family of consulting clients is incredibly diverse, representing dozens of industries. Your client could be anyone from a Fortune 500 company to the owner of a scrappy non-profit working in the inner city. Like your global field study, your consulting project is a custom-designed experience that is completely unique to you.

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