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MAPS Alumni Board

Joy BejaranoJoy Bejarano President
MBA Earned August 2015

Accounting Manager, Canada
Advantage Solutions

Joy Bejarano is currently leading an international division's accounting and FP&A team focused on Financial reporting and analysis. Joy has over 20 years’ experience in finance and accounting across multiple industries, including government, insurance, manufacturing, retail, consumer package goods, sales and marketing, as well as food and beverage


Randy AricheaRandy Arichea Vice-President
MBA Earned August 2015

Account Executive Multi-Platform Sales


Marcelo Martinez Secretary
MBA Earned May 2015

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power


Melissa CookMelissa Cook Board Member & MAP's Faculty Liaison
MBA Earned December 2012

Mount St. Mary's University

Professor Cook has strong multidisciplinary business experience and great enthusiasm to the MSMU business program.  She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on ground and online.  She also serves as the Program Coordinator for our MBA weekend cohort. Melissa actively works with alums and their employers in promoting career development opportunities through the various academic programs and modalities offered by the university.


Daniel KangDaniel Kang Board Member
MBA Earned August 2015

Transportation Manager
Quality Custom Distribution


Mondala DuncanMaria R. Mondala-Duncan Board Member
MBA Earned August 2015

Legal Operations
Southern California Regional Rail Authority


Johnathon NgethJohnathon Ngeth Board Member
MBA Earned December 2016


With an accumulation of over 15 years’ experience serving in various industries such as education, hospitality, apparel development and manufacturing as an entrepreneur, entertainment, and most currently, professional leadership coaching, Johnathon brings with him years of proven wisdom.  His enthusiasm for life and work allows him to pave the way forward as he passionately seeks to improve the lives of others and organizations through transformative communication.  A few words used to describe him are driven, passionate, and just.


Ben LevinsonBen Levinson Board Member
MBA Earned May 2015

Director of Operations

Ben Levinson leads the Operations team at Pillow (  His experience stretches across a multitude of industries and sectors including but not limited to Aviation, Health and Fitness, Nonprofit, and Technology.  Ben completed his MBA from Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles and holds degrees in Business Law, Aviation Science, and Commercial Flight.  Ben is a San Fran transplant and enjoys surfing, playing soccer, and adventuring around the world.


Christine RamirezChristine Ramirez Board Member
MBA Earned May 2017

Purchasing Agent
Rose Bowl Stadium

Christine Ramirez is the Purchasing Administrator for the Rose Bowl Operating Company in Pasadena, California.  Her previous experience includes working on all business related matters from manufacturing overseas, to shipping and logistics, Customs brokerage, marketing, and representing a previous employer at domestic and international trade shows. Christine graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s University in May 2017 with her Master’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship. She has been a recipient of the MAPS Scholarship and the Dr. Janet Robinson Director’s Scholarship for her academic excellence and leadership. Christine holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from California State University, Los Angeles.


Maribel HernandezMaribel Hernandez Board Member
MBA Earned December 2012

Marketing Analyst
American Honda Motor Company Inc.


Jose GarciaJose Garcia Board Member
MBA Earned December 2014

IT Applications Manager
Wheel Pros


Michelle GranadosMichelle Granados Board Member
MBA Earned December 2016

Sr. Product Marketing Manager


Aaron HernandezAaron Hernandez Board Member
MBA Earned December 2014

Sales Director, Pro Distribution
Core Brands


Alexander RodriguezAlexander Rodriguez Board Member
MBA Earned December 2014

Founder & CEO, Adjust Professor
Bay Cities Construction, Mount St. Mary's University