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MBA Faculty Research

Dr. James Neblett, adjunct MBA faculty member, presented research paper on Culture and Human Resources management Where MBA Faculty Dr. James Neblett's research paper on The Culture of Constant Change and its Influence on Trends and Challenges in Human Resources has been accepted by IES Management College & Research Center, Mumbai, India, for the International HR Conference, January 6, 2010. Dr. Peter Antoniou, MBA Program Coordinator, Presents Article on Changing Work Values at The Academy of International Business (AIB) The Academy of International Business (AIB), the leading association of scholars and specialists in the field of international business, has accepted an article by Dr. Peter Antoniou for their annual US Southeast Chapter Conference in Jacksonville, FL. The article is entitled "An Exploratory Study of Changing Work Values: The Case of Japan" and will be presented at the conference meeting at the end of October.

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