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International Field Study

Organizational leaders in the 21st century need to think globally. The Mount Saint Mary’s MBA immerses students in an international market as a complement to the study in the third semester during a 9-day guided exploration of China.

With a rapidly evolving economy and growing geopolitical influence, China holds many of the world's most dynamic regions today. The complexities of its transitioning markets make it an ideal study for organizational leaders.

Participants first visit Shanghai. With a long tradition of American, British, and French commercial presence, the city is quickly emerging as a leading commercial harbor, financial center, and manufacturing center in China.

Next, the program travels to Guangzhou and Guangdong Province to gain an understanding of China's manufacturing powerhouse. Visits to factories and exchanges with Chinese executives and professors provide opportunities for a deeper appreciation of the Chinese business, cultural and management environment.

The international field study ends in Hong Kong, one of Asia’s Tigers and one of the world major transportation and financial centers.

Cultural excursions and informal sessions also introduce students to China’s many perspectives on the United States and other foreign countries.

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MBA Student Project in China
As a way of giving back and acknowledging the hospitality of our hosts in China, the MSMU MBA classes have developed a program where they donate English books to a university in China. Each MBA group member brings a minimum of 3 English books with them and a formal presentation is made to Gannan University. The books are then placed in the library of Gannan University for use by students studying English. Over 1,200 books have been donated so far.

  MBA Book Project